Specialty Bakers is headquartered in Marysville, Pennsylvania. In business since 1901, the company has a long tradition of baking excellence. Specialty Bakers as its name indicates, specializes in producing high quality baked products. The company’s focus is on items that are generally difficult to make.

The principal cake products are Ladyfingers, French Twirls (Crème Horns), Dessert Shells and Cake Rolls. While the company is known as the Ladyfinger specialist, its product line is significantly broader than just Ladyfingers. In addition to the cakes, the company offers a full complement of 4”, 8” and 10” pies. Specialty Bakers pies are freshly baked at our pie bakery in Lititz, PA. The company specializes in pre-baked frozen pies, as well as a complete offering of unbaked frozen pies. The line includes fruit pies such as apple, cherry, blueberry and lemon. Also available are custard pies such as pumpkin, sweet potato, egg and coconut custard. Similar to the cake items, the company focuses on products that are difficult to produce such as lattice pies and no sugar added varieties.

The company has two locations, Marysville and Lititz, Pennsylvania. To enhance customer service, the company utilizes cold storage facilities in the Southeast and on the West Coast. Specialty Bakers products are sold in approximately 90% of the supermarket chains in the United States, with distribution in all 50 states and internationally into Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean basin.